Hi my name is Carley and I am the Year 3 teacher at Korokoro School.

Term 1!!!
My ICT goals for this year are:

  • To teach my kids how to use I can animate and create an animation
  • Regularly add the kids work and useful curriculum links to our class page on the new school website

Hi Carley,
It was fun working on using I Can Animate last term! It would be really interesting to hear how you are going with implementing this with the children and what you consider to be the most positive aspects in terms of learning outcomes? Also, how have you gone with working on your learning caves on the website?

Term 2!!!
Nigel and I swap half our class every second Monday as part of our buddy classes.
I am working with about 12 of my Year 3 kids and 12 of Nigel's Year 7/8 kids.

At the end of last term the kids got into pairs and created a short animation using the drawing tools on I Can Animate. The focus was to create an animation based on a school rule. I was really pleased with how they came out and the experimenting the kids got to do with the I Can Animate program.

We have only had one lesson so far this term but the kids have been put into groups of 4 and have begun storyboarding a short animation; most of them based around a fairytale. Some kids have chosen to use Lego, the whiteboard and modeling clay.

Our next lesson is in Week 7!
I hope to have gained lots of tips and knowledge from Suzie at our next PD session before I see the kids.
It's a learning process for me as well.

Hey Carley- Great to hear/see the work you have been doing- maybe you could link to your classroom page on the school website to show people all the learning cave stuff you have been up to?

Term 3!!!
I have been busy working on I-can-animate with my class and our buddy class. I changed direction slightly and got each group to choose a classic children's book like 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. From there each group had to storyboard their animation which was very similar to the book obviously. They then chose how they were going to animate the story - half of the groups working with whiteboard animations and the other half using modeling clay. Both have worked well so far. Some groups are just about finished and others are getting there slowly. It has been a long process and I if was to do it again I would make the task a lot simpler. It will be good to sit down and share the animations with each other and get some feedback from the groups about how they have enjoyed it (or not), their successes and where they feel they need to improve.

With animation I feel that it stands alone from the curriculum too much because there needs to be a lot of teacher help with Year 3 and also time is such a big factor. I am glad that I have experimented with it but I think my new direction after this will be blue screening using imovie and digital photos and integrating it into my classroom program more effectively!

I am really enjoying using my class page on the school website, to create learning caves for my students to use as part of their Literacy and Numeracy programs. If anyone is interested in having a look go to Room 4's page at

Good to see you evaluating your practice and how ICT tools fit into it. What ICT skills have been covered by doing animation? That reflection with the children evaluating their successes/needs is important. Could you use a ICT activiy to do this? have a look at Kidspiration.