My ICT goal for this year is to incorporate ICT into the curriculum areas so that it is not a seperate subject. The laptop pod last year rarely ever worked and we aren't allowed to print student work from the laptops. These issues have caused me to feel frustrated and consequently, I rarely used the laptop pod last year. I hope that this year will be different, because I want my students to feel confident about ICT. I want them to have regular access to the laptops, but I also want the laptops to actually work when I have a lesson planned.

Hi Kristina (nice heading by the way). I understand your frustration with the laptops not working as they should. I hope that you have had a better experience so far this year. Your goal is a good one but it might help if you broke this down into smaller chunks and spoke about a specific area within ICT implementation that you are going to try and implement and then say how it went. I'll look forward to getting updates.

Term 2 Update:

I have enjoyed using Voicethread in my classroom this year. The kids love it too! We have used Voicethread for our Topic work and for summarising and commenting on books we've read.

Each teacher at our school has created a class blog. Please take a look at ours and judge for yourself: pohutukawa.edublogs.org

Great stuff Kistina- have a look at
Stu's page he has managed to drop his voicethread onto his page- you could ask him how he did it- I am sure he would help. his email is devenport@muritai.school.nz so give him a yell!
Awesome blog too!

Term 3 Update:
Things are a bit hectic this term, what with our Wearable Arts concert, parent interviews and testing. However, I am continuing to update my blog, though a little less frequently. I mainly am using our blog to communicate upcoming events to the parents. I'd like to put more student work samples on our class blog. That will be my focus for next term. I think once the students have more of themselves invested in the blog, they'll be more excited about it. A lot of the families in my class don't have internet access at home, which is unfortunate.

I haven't done a Voicethread this term, but I thought I could take digital pix of their Wearable Arts costumes, and then the kids could describe how they made them. That will have to be in Week 9 or 10 when the concert is over!

The students enjoy getting the laptops every week, but it is very stressful for me. If only we had a projector in each room, so I could lead the lesson and then have the kids follow along! Now, I have to dash between groups and help them out, and by the end I am not in the calmest of moods.

In conclusion, my classroom ICT experience this term has been less consistent than I'd like it to be. I want to work it more seamlessly, but that hasn't happened as of yet!