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I teach at Waterloo School. I have a fabulous class of 26 Year 3 children!! We learn in room 10.

My ICT Goal for this year are:

  • To make ICT learning a regular and quality part of my programme.
  • Have the children learn real skills on the computer and practice these on the class computer

Hi Leanna, What an incredibly pretty page! Your goals are good but it might help to break these down into smaller manageable projects on a specific area of ICT integration so that they are measurable and so that you can focus on one area at a time. How have you been using ICT in your classroom so far this year? It would be great to get an update here.

Term 1:

  • Set up programme/ system for regular use of ICT in my classroom
  • Introduced children to WORD
  • Children created acrostic poems using their names. They have been introduced to word art, highlight, Font, Font Size, and inserting pictures.

Term 2:
  • Our topic for Term 2 was an inquiry unit about the BODY
  • The children used ICT websites to find information based on a body system
  • They then created a poster with their researched information included in it.
  • The children extended their WORD knowledge using word art and inserting pictures
  • The children used Word Art to create a picture of the skeleton

Term 3:
  • We are using the projector in class to develop our understanding of advertisements
  • The Greatest Feat Website and programme has meant we have used the computer everyday to input our steps and find out about NZ Olympic athletes
  • The children are now publishing their writing in Word including word art, pictures, font, size, etc.
  • The children are continuing to develop their mouse skills in Paint it!
  • The children are using the computer for ten minutes every day to find out information about the olympics and publish their work
  • They are making posters using Word about the olympics