Lynn Ridge
Year 4 teacher
I have 28 children - 18 boys & 10 girls!
I have 2 computers in the classroom which I like to use as 1 tool among many

Hi Lynn, that is a high number of boys! :-) It would be great if you could also add your ICT goal that you are currently working on in your classroom.

Last term we used the computers as part our integrated topic: accessing, assessing and communicating information
Information acquired was communicated through Power Points,, As well as the information the children had to do the transitions, timing, effects and then add music. They loved it and lots of the children went home and practised on their own. They completed optional homawork on systems (the overall concept for the year). They also taught other children. The aesthetics of text on background was also important.
We have also used booked sites ( booked on spreadsheet) in maths and language we have created concrete poems - an idea from one of you last time.
Use of the Data Projecter has been very powerful in the classroom This was one of my goals.,along with the authentic use for integrated studies.