I'm Nicky and I teach Yr 4 & 5 at Korokoro School. My ICT goals for this year are:

To create a maths animation with my class to enhance fraction knowledge
To incorporate meaningful ICT into my reading programme

Update: Term 2, Wk 3
This term I have started using the pod of laptops a lot more and have taught the children some new software and they have used this software to publish their writing. I haven't tried a maths animation yet but am hoping to later this term.

Update: Term 2, Wk 7
I am happy with my ICT this term, I have incorporated ICT into my reading programme with the children using Kidspiration to brainstorm the main parts of the story. I've also used Kidspiration with my younger buddy class. Here is a link to the kids completed work:

Buddy class kidspiration work

Great to see you using Hyperlinks to illustrate the sort of things you have been trying out. Have you had a play with animation yet?

My class has been working on an animation movie using lego. They are very motivated - doing it during lunch time! I have given the class one lesson on I can animate and they have had time to play on it since. This term I'm hoping to find a way to incorporate it into my programme. I'm happy with the ICT I am using in my reading programme. Ive created a page of links that the children can access from the school website. This makes it a lot easier because the children can easily find the resource they are supposed to be doing. I've been using Read

Write Think and Digistore resources which are linking well into the reading programme. My next goal is working out how to put the I can animate movie onto this page.