Comic Life for Keeping Ourselves Safe
We used comic life to tell a Keeping Ourselves Safe story. The kids loved it and it was a new way of presenting work.

Kidspiration for Keeping Ourselves Safe
We used Kidspiration for making up rules to keep ourselves safe - they had to simply drag and drop with pictures - kids loved the simplicity and that they could do it themselves. It can also be used by children to drop and drag items and alter this according to changes in their thinking.

Kidspiration for New Topic Brainstorm
Using the brainstorm on Kidspiration has proved useful when at start of new topic. Like the way you can move things around and group ideas. Children quickly able to use this independently.

Wordprocessing Name Labels
We made name tags using Pages (but this could be done on most word processing programs): highlighting text, changing font etc.The children learnt skills they could apply to many programmes.

Health Webquest
external image fast_food.jpgWe used a webquest I developed - it has been used over a term. It gave them immersion, refletion and creating over the term. The children knew what their final outcome would be and what they had to do along the way. All very focused (some needed moving from one stage to the next) but the learning was purposeful.

YouTube for Social Studies
We used a data projector and internet (u tube) used during Inquiry Learning.The video footage was of a third world family's existence compared to OECD country. Children were enthralled with the clip. They made real connections and were able to think more deeply about the topic.

YouTube for Information
I recently used a You Tube video to show the class on the projector to show what is morse code and the difference in speed of sending a short message between morse code and text messsaging. Kids were so focussed and it opened up so many more questions.

Wikis to Expore Social Issues - Darfar
These third graders in the US put together this wiki in response the the human suffering in Darfar.

Virtual Experiences
We were investigating sculptors and sculptures as part of our Movement Inquiry Learning unit. We surfed the net, found a cyber-museum of thousands of sculptures by hundreds of sculptors and displayed what we found through a data projector onto a big screen. Awesome impact! Beats the heck out of crowding around a 17" screen, in small groups.